Fuel Mixture Solex

Mixing ratio 1:50
For 5 liters of petrol use 1 dl mixed oil
I use 98 octane petrol and a fully synthetic 2-stroke mixed oil.
For models older than the Solex 2200, the petrol should be mixed with more oil!

Air Pressure Solex

My recommendation:
Front approx. 2.5 bar
Rear approx. 3 bar

Certificates of various Solex Models

RAL numbers of Velosolex colors

(Alle Schwanenhals & Rundrohrmodelle – 3300er – 3800er – 3800er Motobécane –
4600er – 5000er – 6000er – Bercy Triporteur)
(3800er Motobécane – 3800er Grand Luxe – 5000er – 6000er)
(3800er – 4600er – 5000er- 6000er – Tenor S – Tenor GS – Trotilex)
(5000er – 6000er – Tenor – Trotilex)
(3800er De Luxe – Trotilex – Micron – Tenor Luxury/ 8000)
(3800er De Luxe – Trotilex)
(3800er De Luxe – 4600er – 5000er – Tenor L – Tenor G – Tenor GL)
(4600er – 5000er – 6000er – Micron)

You can find more questions and answers about Velosolex on the home page.

Determining the age of a Solex bicycle

Based on the engine number, the year of production and age of your Solex can be determined.
The engine number is often identical to the frame number, but this is not always the case.
I hope the tables below can help you determine the age of your Solex.
If you cannot find your Solex in the various lists, unfortunately I will not be able to help you further. A list of the various Solex model certificates, including PDF, can also be found on my website.

Other useful information

Determination of the years of construction (here also as a download):

I collect everything related to Solex, be it vehicles, spare parts, accessories, advertising materials, etc.
If you own anything at all and would like to sell it, please let me know.
Email: info@velo-solex.ch

Questions and Answers

In the area below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Velosolex.

The Velosolex is a bicycle with an auxiliary motor (a predecessor to the e-bike).

From 1946 to 1988 and from 1995 to 2005.

Approx. 1.4 liters, this is enough for about 80 kilometers.

1 dl of mixed oil to 5 liters of petrol (mixing ratio 1:50).
Use gasoline with 95 or 98 octane and a fully synthetic 2-stroke mixed oil.
For models older than the Solex 2200, the gasoline should be mixed with more oil.

Solexine was a specialized mixture for the Velosolex, used to help maximize engine performance. This blend of unleaded petrol, pre-mixed with 6% oil, was marketed by the French oil company BP. It was generally sold in two litre cans. Until 2003, a Solexine dealer existed on Boulevard Saint-Michel in Paris.

Front 6 volts (yellow), rear 14 volts (white).

Highly recommended, this will protect the engine in the event of a fall.

Usually on the right of the steering head on the main frame. For older models it can be found on the frame under the pedal axle (engine number = frame number).

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